Byonica desk: Innovating Bespoke Furniture with 3D Printing

Byonica desk: Innovating Bespoke Furniture with 3D Printing

Byonica is a front desk of a dental studio commissioned by the private client "Smile Different" and designed by Medaarch.

"The project explores the possibilities of 3D printing for the design and production of custom furniture. The algorithmic design methodology allowed not only to model the desk but also to shape a narrative of surfaces that merge into a functional and sculptural whole." says Amleto Picerno, the designer of the project.

The name 'Byonica' reflects the concept behind the design: a blend of biology and technology. The patterns on the green-black bronze surface are inspired by the shapes and sinuosity of a living organism: “The counter was designed to rest on a robust wooden counter. Thus, the covering surface of the reception, which the client requested us to create, has been interpreted by us as a digital parasite that delicately clings to the white support base underneath. This inspiration led to the decomposition of the surface into a polygonal weave, allowing the design to be divided into distinct modular elements. The result is an installation that, although composed of unique modules, constitutes an articulated and dynamic form as a whole.”

Each module, perfectly adhering to the morphology of the next, contributes to creating a modern and strong visual identity, making the counter a distinctive piece of furniture within the environment it is placed.
Details such as the precision of the layers and the pattern that the striations create on the surface are the result of a sophisticated process of material experimentation, which not only ensures structural stability but also gives life to an unprecedented aesthetic language.

Designed to personalize the environment with a unique piece in design and at the same time functional and welcoming, the counter is the result of using advanced methods of furniture design and production.

The polygonal motif, which wraps around the underlying counter in a continuous embrace, emerges as a distinctive characteristic, offering not only visual beauty but also structural integrity.

Thanks to large-format 3D printing technology, with a thickness of only 7 mm, the Byonica desk was produced in exceptionally quick times, optimizing the use of materials and energy efficiency. PLA, a biodegradable plastic derived from corn, enriched with natural pigments, is a testament to Medaarch's ethics, which prioritize environmental sustainability without sacrificing quality and innovation.

Byonica is the concrete expression of a future of design oriented towards minimizing the use of materials and optimizing resources, combining Italian craftsmanship with a sophisticated process of computational design and cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques.

Through our projects of creating custom solutions, we care for the work with the same care and attention of an artisan in front of his work, creating not simple objects or projects but real experiences, which can enrich the living spaces with harmony, beauty, and environmental awareness.


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