How 3D Printing is Changing the Future of Manufacturing and Design.

How 3D Printing is Changing the Future of Manufacturing and Design.

How is 3D printing reshaping the concept of design, production, and consumption today?
The personal journey of Amleto Picerno Ceraso, co-founder and designer of Mediterranea, in the world of digital manufacturing, has unlocked answers and possibilities that we share in this article with you.
We also discuss how the design brand Mediterranea is seeking to pave a new path for the future of interior design through a mix of innovation, Made in Italy craftsmanship, and computational design and 3D printing approaches.


The innovative approach to design and digital fabrication has always fascinated me, ever since I studied architecture first in Naples and then in Rome, followed by a Master's in “Emerging Technologies” at IAAC in Barcelona, when computational design software and digital fabrication were beginning to reach a wider audience, opening a universe of new possibilities to designers, artisans, and creatives.
My experience at IAAC was enlightening for me, as it was effectively my first contact with digital fabrication tools, which allowed me to start research on 3D printing and other methods of robotic fabrication and their application in architecture and design.

Returning to Italy in 2007, I co-founded Medaarch, a design and architecture firm specializing in innovative processes and technologies, from parametric and computational design to digital fabrication, serving a new urban, ethical, and sustainable dimension.§From urban architectural projects to trade fair installations to furniture design, through high-level training services and development and engineering consultancy for institutions, companies, and international players, we shape the future aiming for a positive impact on the present.

Digital technology has enabled a dialogue between technology and craftsmanship, rediscovering a holistic approach to design typical of the Italian Renaissance workshop. In this scenario, Medaarch uses new technical resources as precious tools for living.

This is the approach we also wanted to give to the Mediterranea brand, the design label founded in 2021 that creates 3D printed furniture and accessories, aimed at enhancing Made in Italy through an innovative and sustainable approach.

Today's furniture industry mostly adheres to extended production cycles and significant initial investments required to launch new products. This often leads to a necessary mass production to reduce retail costs. The 3D printing opens new possibilities for both product development and design because designers can experiment with their creations, moving directly from digital design to the physical prototype in a single step. This allows for rapid refinement of the digital model, reduces costs, and enables the creation of a unique and sought-after piece of digital craftsmanship.

We are witnessing a revolution in design, where technological innovation merges with the prestige of Made in Italy, and Mediterranea Design is at the forefront of this transformation.

Our furniture is the result of a blend between the mastery of traditional Italian craftsmanship and a sophisticated process of computational design and additive manufacturing.
The inspiration for this project indeed comes from observing the gap between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. We have committed to bridging this gap, creating something that can honor our cultural heritage while embracing modern innovation.

3D Printed Furniture - Chaise Short Vulcano

A mix born from the love for the beauty of the Mediterranean, understood as a conglomerate of values, and from the commitment to sustainable design that does not neglect elegance and functionality.
Our values and shared visions influence the work we do and the impact we hope to achieve in every project.

We are certain that there is a Mediterranean way to architecture and innovation: open, sustainable, and inclusive.

Our vision is to reinterpret plastic furniture through a mediated approach, giving life to creations that reflect a perfect balance between 'beautiful and well-made'.
The heart of our production is 3D printing, a technology that allows us to create dynamic and lightweight shapes that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.


Sustainability lies both in the process, as the reduced production sequence (the transition from digital file to prototype in a single step) significantly reduces CO2 emissions associated with production, and in the use of printing material.
We use plastics that, besides not deriving from petroleum, are completely biodegradable. This allows us to offer products that are not only aesthetically refined and durable but also gentle on our planet.

This effort is reflected in every piece of our collection, designed to minimize environmental impact without compromising the quality and elegance that distinguish Italian design.

3D Printed Furniture - Chair Ischia Table Erice

Through our bespoke solution projects, we care for the work with the same care and attention as an artisan in front of his masterpiece, creating not just objects or projects but true experiences that can enrich living spaces with harmony, beauty, and environmental awareness.


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