Edit 2023

Medaarch at the 5th edition of EDIT Napoli with Mediterranea, the line of 3D-printed furniture and accessories that enhances the Made in Italy in the name of tech innovation and sustainability.

Medaarch is set to return to the fifth edition of EDIT Napoli, from October 6th to 8th 2023, at the captivating spaces of the State Archive, featuring Mediterranea, the line of 3D-printed furniture and accessories that emphasizes Made in Italy with a focus on innovation and eco-sustainability.

A unique addition this year is Erice, a round dining table, resulting from a work that skilfully blends craftsmanship and digital processes, tradition and experimentation. The innovative mood of the product, designed and realized by Medaarch, plays with the fusion of different materials (the base in PLA and the top in glass) and the possibility of customization in size and colors.

Its particular design makes this table an invitation to Mediterranean elegance and conviviality both indoors and outdoors, without renouncing the functionality of the object. In addition to the new Erice, there will also be the Ischia chairs, notable for their linear structure disrupted by the unexpected and pleasant separation of the backrest from the seat.

At the Mediterranea stand, you can also admire the 3D printed ceramic vases, the result of a clever mix of digital, craftsmanship, nature and design. Created through 3D printing by depositing ceramic paste layer by layer, the shapes and aesthetics of the details of the 3D printed vases reinforce stylistic appeal more than functionality, providing a unique and characterful decorative touch to the spaces they inhabit.

The Mediterranea line is the result of a computational design approach and additive manufacturing process, made possible through the use of 3D printing. Distinguishing elements include a strong emphasis on Made in Italy and its integration with digital innovation, along with a steadfast commitment to eco-sustainability. The material used is PLA with the addition of natural dye, an innovative biodegradable bioplastic derived from the transformation of sugars found in corn and other renewable, non-petroleum-based natural materials.

“The primary goal of the project is to fully embrace the essence of Made in Italy and reinterpret plastic furniture with a Mediterranean approach to design, in a unique blend of ‘beauty and craftsmanship’, innovation, and sustainability. As a result, the furniture piece becomes not only functional, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing but also environmentally friendly.” explains Amleto Picerno Ceraso, CEO of Medaarch. “Furthermore, modeling objects through computational design software allows the definition of unprecedented morphologies that ensure surface strength, dynamism, and lightness, minimizing material usage.”.

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