3D Printed Chairs: Celebrating Made in Italy, Innovation, and Sustainability

Our line of 3D printed chairs is a testament to the intersection of innovative design, technological progress, and a strong commitment to sustainability. Crafted through a computational approach to design and additive manufacturing via 3D printing, these chairs proudly uphold the essence of Made in Italy in the spirit of innovation and eco-sustainability.

The Various Chair

Types Our 3D printed chairs constitute a diverse collection, each with its unique personality and captivating characteristics. From Santorini, a chair that bridges the aesthetics of Greece with the character of its landscapes, to Ischia, known for its resilient material and distinctive structure. Ischia combines linear rigidity with an unexpected and enjoyable rocking effect, adding a delightful touch to moments of relaxation. Finally, Pantelleria, with its sinuous yet essential design, is created from two continuous material strips resting upon each other.

Eco-friendly Chair Materials: PLA, the Biodegradable Bioplastic

Our dedication to sustainability is clearly reflected in the materials used for our 3D printed chairs. In addition to the advanced printing technique that enhances surface resistance, dynamism, and lightweight qualities while minimizing material usage, we employ eco-friendly materials that reduce environmental impact without compromising quality. Each chair is crafted from PLA (polylactic acid) with the addition of natural coloring. This innovative bioplastic is fully biodegradable, derived from the transformation of sugars found in corn and other natural, renewable materials not derived from petroleum. Each chair becomes not only a design statement but also a tangible representation of our commitment to a greener future.

Our Range of Chair Products

Explore our complete range of 3D printed chairs, each an embodiment of unrivaled style and comfort. From evocative shapes to ergonomic surfaces, every chair is meticulously designed to seamlessly fit both indoor and outdoor spaces. Discover the diverse range of colors and customizations available, offering a unique fusion of functionality, aesthetics, and elegance.

Other Products Complementing Chairs in Our Catalog

Complement your chair selection with our coordinated dining tables, designed to create the perfect set and elevate the experience of your living spaces. For example, Santorini pairs elegantly with the Moro dining table, while Ischia seamlessly integrates with Erice, ensuring a harmonious and complete experience.

Discover your ideal chair today and bring a touch of luxury, innovation, comfort, and sustainability to your living spaces!