Medaarch participated in the expression of interest for the design and creation of spaces, furnishings, and functional installations for contemporary art and art education.

The Morra Greco Foundation for contemporary art in Naples ("Foundation") pursues social solidarity goals through the management and enhancement of cultural and environmental assets and the promotion of cultural activities. To this end, it organizes and manages art exhibitions, including permanent ones, and related initiatives to enhance national art, including its relations with foreign art.

The Foundation manages its own museum complex located at Largo Proprio d'Avellino in Naples. It carries out cultural events to disseminate and promote the knowledge of Italian artistic culture, even abroad. It conducts and promotes research, documentation, and sector-specific and interdisciplinary exhibitions of national and international importance, with a particular focus on art education in museums.


DESIGNER - Medaarch
- Centro per l'Artigianato Digitale
- PLA, Glass, Metal and Rope
CLIENT - Morra Greco Foundation

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