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We investigate the relationship between 3D printing, design, and sustainability.

Through the choice of advanced materials, digital technologies and innovative production processes we want to work for the creation of eco-sustainable solutions that really make a difference.

We place a strong emphasis on sustainability. Firstly, we optimize production with a streamlined process (from digital file to prototype in a single step), significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Regarding materials, we use PLA, a bioplastic derived from renewable resources like corn, which minimizes the environmental impact of our production. Each product in our collection is designed to reduce environmental impact while maintaining the high quality and elegance that distinguish Italian design.


Selection of renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, or cassava.


Lactic acid is produced through the fermentation process of the raw materials.


Lactic acid molecules are polymerized to form long chains of polylactic acid.


The molten PLA is extruded and then cut into small pellets for further processing.

The material used for the Mediterranea products is bioplastic derived from renewable resources, with the addition of natural dye.

Our furnishings and accessories are designed, on one hand, to have no negative impact on the environment and, on the other, to meet the needs of modern life by making unique spaces and enhancing the experience of anyone who lives in them.
3D Printing

Is an innovative bioplastic derived from the transformation of sugars present in corn, renewable and non-petroleum-derived materials, it’s biodegradable.


Biobased Content

PLA is derived from organic content.


Organic Recycling - Industrial Composting

PLA is a compostable material in municipal and industrial composting facilities where available.


Food Packaging Materials Compliance

PLA biopolymer is suitable for food contact applications.


Chemical Control Law Compliance

PLA is safe for human health and the environment from any unreasonable risks associated with chemical substances.