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3D Printed Stool

DIMENSIONS | H 50cm - D Ø40cm
WEIGHT | 5kg

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Designed both as a seating element and a compact side table, Nora is a 2-in-1 stool/side table that combines multifunctionality and elegance. The object's design is crafted from 3 different materials and manufacturing techniques: the structure and the top in PLA are produced through 3D printing, to which solid wood legs are then carefully added by hand. Additionally, the textile component transforms into a soft cushion when the object is used as a seat.
The result is a distinct sculptural silhouette where two functional elements meet in a refined dialogue between style and material.

While the play on functional and material interpretations gives the accessory a fun and versatile soul, the innovative design of this product allows for customizations in terms of size, colors, and materials, offering options that include glass or marble tops and various choices for the cushion.

With this stool, we wanted to play on a solution that could embrace the fluidity of modern spaces, but at the same time did not give up the aesthetic and refined component, comfort, and the rediscovery of the value of a brief but intense break.

Thus was born the idea of a piece that embodies various uses as well as different materials, skills and manufacturing techniques.
The result is a modern, lively, and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.

Just like the Sardinian city from which it takes its name, Nora emanates a sense of tranquility and balance, inviting you to stop, breathe and immerse yourself in the beauty of the present moment.