Mediterranea Design, selected by ICE for ICFF New York: Where Italian-made Innovation and Design Meet Sustainability.

Mediterranea Design, selected by ICE for ICFF New York: Where Italian-made Innovation and Design Meet Sustainability.

From May 19 to 21, 2024, "Nora," the new creation from Mediterranea Design, will debut at North America's premier furniture fair, blending artisanal mastery with cutting-edge technologies.

From May 19 to 21, Mediterranea Design will be present at ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC. 

"It is a true honor for us to be selected by ICE to participate in ICFF 2024," says Amleto Picerno Ceraso, founder of Medaarch and Mediterranea Design. "At booth 435, in the ICE exhibition space, we will display our collection in its vivid, striking colors, sinuous and refined shapes, resulting from the synergy between traditional Italian craftsmanship, sophisticated computational design processes, and additive manufacturing."

Chosen by the ICE Agency to represent the pinnacle of Italian design, Mediterranea Design will introduce among its various products "Nora," the new two-in-one addition to the collection: a side table that transforms into a comfortable stool. This new piece stands out for its clever use of different materials and a mixture of digital technologies and artisanal techniques behind it. "The collection we are pleased to present in New York is the result of distinctive formal and material research and the synergy between the mastery of traditional Italian craftsmanship, and the result of a sophisticated computational design process and additive manufacturing." states Amleto Picerno.

The fusion of Made in Italy craftsmanship, digital manufacturing, and design is also reflected in the new piece of the collection that combines multifunctionality and elegance: designed both as a seating element and a compact support surface, "Nora" features a particular sculptural silhouette where two functional elements meet in a refined dialogue between style and material.
The object's line is made from three different materials and manufacturing techniques: the structure and the top in PLA are produced through 3D printing, to which solid wood legs are then carefully added by hand. Additionally, the textile component transforms into a soft cushion when the object is used as a seat.

Thus, the new stool/side table, two in one, becomes a play of functional and material interpretations, which give the accessory a fun and versatile soul without sacrificing elegance. The innovative design of this product allows for customizations in terms of size, colors, and materials, offering options that include glass or marble tops and various choices for the cushion.
"With this stool, we wanted to play on a solution that could embrace the fluidity of modern spaces, but at the same time did not give up the aesthetic and sought-after component, comfort, and the rediscovery of the value of a pause, brief but intense. Thus was born the idea of a piece that embodies various uses as well as different materials, skills, and manufacturing techniques. The result is a modern, lively, and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture," Amleto Picerno explains.

Once again, the latest addition to the Mediterranea family bridges tradition and innovation through the use of materials and processing practices, now classic, now avant-garde, revolutionizing the way we perceive furniture: no longer just aesthetic and functional objects but also, in a sense, facilitators of a special mood, an approach to life.

The goal of the Mediterranea project has always been to reinterpret the plastic seat in the spirit of innovation and sustainability, through a Mediterranean lens, giving life to creations that reflect a perfect balance between 'beautiful and well-made.' "Sustainability lies both in the process, as the reduced production sequence (i.e., the transition from digital file to prototype in a single step) significantly reduces the CO2 emissions associated with production, and in the use of the printing material. We use PLA, a bioplastic derived from plant sugars such as corn, which besides not deriving from petroleum, is biodegradable. This effort is reflected in every piece of our collection, designed to minimize environmental impact without compromising the quality and elegance that distinguish Italian design," states Amleto Picerno.

See you in New York City from May 19 to 21, 2024, at booth 435 of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC, inside the ICE exhibition space, to show you our project live!

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